US House Overwhelmingly Passes $717 Billion Spending Bill To ‘Rebuild Our Military-The Last American Vagabond.

Think they might stop fucking my Viet Nam, drafted Vet, Agent Orange suffering brother, with Diabetes, skin cancers, a pace maker, Ischemic Heart Disease, dam near deaf, teeth rooting out from all the meds for his heart problem, caused by agent orange, which meds he has to pay the VA for himself, because they keep fucking him on his ratings, because Washington DC hates Veterans.

Perhaps, before making more veteran which Washington Dc will fuck, while they give over 8 million dollars a day, to Israhell, so they can keep Holocusting Semitic Palestinians, in their own ancestral Homeland, they can fucking take care of my brother before he fucking dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does Washington DC/USA, piss on and fuck their veterans up the ass like they do, all the time, generation in, generation out?

Why does Washington DC/USA, hate Americans so much?

John C Carleton

US House Overwhelmingly Passes $717 Billion Spending Bill To ‘Rebuild Our Military’

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