History Documentary General Patton’s Charge Across Europe-Full HD-YouTube

Any historian, worth a shit, who also has some military background, can easily see, if Eisenhower, and his bunch of political whores, in uniforms, to include the UK’s Montgomery, had just got the hell out of the way, quit stealing his supplies for failure missions in which thousands of soul’s lives were wasted, Patton could have ended war in Europe, by late fall, early Winter, 1944.

That means, all the people killed, in all fronts, all sides of that war, lay squarely on the shoulders of Stalin, Churchill, FDR/Truman, and their whores in Uniform, from say, September 1944 0n.

But wait.

Six months before the USA dropped Atomic Bombs, on Two Japanese cities, the Japanese were trying to surrender!

All they asked, was their emperor be allowed to stay on the throne.

USA, flatly refused, the war continued, with slaughter, horrors on both sides, for six more months, until they could test their new weapon on the little brown people, on that far away Island.

After that, Japan surrendered unconditionally, and the USA, left their Emperor on the Throne, as the Japanese had asked for their only condition of surrender, six months earlier.

Now, tell me again, why you think them lying pedophiles, in Washington DC/USA, give a flying shit about you, yours, the military personal, past, present, or future?


The Land of the Pedophile,
and the home of the American Slave!

John C Carleton

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