The Ole Wolf, Hiking His Leg, on a Dead, Rotten, Tree, in Abilene Kansas!

There is a dead, rotten, tree in Abilene Kansas,
Draws the ole Wolf, as not even the placid waters of the pass at Aransas,
A call from a past life, an oath made to self,
A promised act of disrespect, still on the shelf,
A payoff, the ole Wolf strongly feels must be done,
Timed to the setting in the West, of the life giving Sun,
The old wolf raises his leg to deliver a stream,
Of well deserved disrespect on the final bed of an asshole, in a steady beam,
Of waste products, useless particles in a liquid jig,
Full of disdain the wolf feels, for this treasonous pig!

His Royal Highness,
Most High Sovereign of,
Noble Protector of,
Kingdom of Carleton,

King, John de Carleton

Let it be Above, as it is Below!

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