Damascus rejects US Demand That Iranian Forces Must Leave Syria-The Last American Vagabond

When Lincoln did his “Proclamation of Emancipation”, The yankee Generals told the War Criminal Lincoln, he had better make sure, the yankee troops, knew this was only a war time move, to try to start a slave revolt, which would draw front line Confederate troops, off the line, to deal with a slave uprising, because the Generals feared, if the Yankee soldiers, got any idea, they were fighting, dying to free blacks, their feared the troops would desert and go home!

Lincoln’s Secretary of War, sarcastically said, Lincoln proclaimed slaves free where he did not have the authority or means to make it happen, and failed to free the slaves in the USA States, which were slave states, who’s troops, were shooting Confederates.

Now, none of Washington DC/USA’s damn business who or what is in Syria.

Beyond the ability of the USA, to kick the Iranians out, of a Sovereign country, which they tried to overthrow, but got their ass kicked.

It is within the ability, of the USA, Washington DC, to remove the occupying Federal troops, which have occupied my Country, The Republic of Texas, (occupied), for 152 years and counting.

oh yes, i would like for someone in authority, to bitch slap Mayor PendjoBerg, of San Antonio, and his band of Merry Hairless Chihuahua’s, on the San Antonio city council, save one, put the damn Confederate Monument, they stole off of Private property, damaged it, are hiding it from the rightful owners, along with two cannon they stole, fix it, put it back the fuck up, and pay for it their fucking selves!

Why should the Taxpayers of San Antonio take it up the ass because of the felonies done deliberately, by these evil Texas hating minions of the dark side, knowing they were committing Perjury and grand theft.

Why should the San Antonio Taxpayer, have to cover the cost of the San Antonio circus side show of city hall’s, criminality and stupidity?

Get er Done!

John C Carleton

Damascus Rejects US Demand That Iranian Forces Must Leave Syria

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