World War 1, World War 2, were both Pedophile Usury International Banker Wars, Planned generations before their time, just as the Usury Banker Scum, Planned World War 3.

It is provable, the American people have been fed a big line of horse shit, about both wars, and the reasons the USA, dragged the American people into these slaughterhouses for shekels. Not just these wars, but the so called civil war, is complete bull shit as portrayed in USA history and by Holly Whore. […]

US House Overwhelmingly Passes $717 Billion Spending Bill To ‘Rebuild Our Military-The Last American Vagabond.

Think they might stop fucking my Viet Nam, drafted Vet, Agent Orange suffering brother, with Diabetes, skin cancers, a pace maker, Ischemic Heart Disease, dam near deaf, teeth rooting out from all the meds for his heart problem, caused by agent orange, which meds he has to pay the VA for himself, because they keep […]

Trump Drones On. Pentagon Drone Air Bases in Niger, Targeting Libya and Nigeria-Global Research.

Hmmmm!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????? Now why do the War Criminals in Washington DC, need to be cowardly, from hiding, murdering African children in their beds, homes, schools, churches? Africa is a long damn way from Washington DC. Perhaps, instead of pissing off a billion dollars or so, murdering children in their own countries, countries which have not attacked […]