Waltzing Matilda- (Australia Day 2009 Live)-You Tube

i learned this song, in a pub in Rockhampton, holding my own against six Aussie MP’s.

i was a Seabee there on a joint exercise

No we were not fighting, but there was six of them, and only one of me.

i defended America’s honor, the Seabees honor, my scot-Irish genes, and we all walked out the door, we might have all been weaving a bit by then.

i had a midnight curfew.

every time i told them i had to go, they shoved another pot of Four X beer in my hand.

At about 15 minuets till my ass was a pumpkin with my CO, we all climbed into this Aussie MP vehicle, and went shooting down the empty streets of Rockhampton, weaving from side to side of the road, singing Waltzing Matilda.

i walked through the gates of the camp about 1 minute till mid night.

The song, if you listen to it, is about a man who would rather be dead, than a slave or locked up.

May Americans adopt this song of their cousins in Australia, as their own!

John C Carleton

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