Over 5,000 Professors, Activist, Politicians, Voice Readiness to Testify For Irans Innocence in 9-11 Appeal case-FarsNews

A Washington DC whore could not tell the truth if you had a rope around their neck, and the only way to keep from doing the rope dance, was tell the truth.

Israhell, with collaboration from Washington DC treasonous ass hole, which American sheep still voye for, did the attack on America, murdered 3,000 souls, so they could start unjust wars for the Greater Israhell project, using American poor kids as cannon fodder, invading countries, murdering their children, which have not attacked America,

They are lying to you, and if you believe them, you are a fool.

If you pretend to believe them, so you can try to lie to God, on Judgement day, ain’t going to work.

God has a built in lie detector.

Enough of this shit America.

Find some damn honor, some balls, and take your damn county back!

John C Carleton


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