Washington’s Antics in the South China Sea Seek to provoke Beijing toMilitary Response-Stratigic Culture

Mr. and Mrs. America!

Do you really care enough, that China might be the big boy in the South China Sea, (you might note, that is China Sea, not American Sea, or USA/Washington DC Sea), to sacrifice your sons, daughters, grandchildren, great grandchildren, brothers , fathers, mothers, children, to an angry war god which sends them back in body bags, or if living, missing limbs, eyes, damaged brains, burns, and shattered souls, beyond repair for this life sometimes!

For what?

Because some high paid whore on TV tells you you need to?

Because Political whores, who have sold your ass, your children asses, their children asses on and on, generation after generation, as debt slaves, cannon fodder and sexual party favors for the elite, tell you need to?

Understand, The United States/Washington DC, is a corporation, and corporations by nature, are anti-human entities.

They don’t give a flying fuck about you or yours.

You are the cattle they farm, so they can party on your labor!

It is NONE of America, the Land, or America, the living souls, damn business, what the Chinese do, in the South China Sea.


John C Carleton


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