Among the Persians-Information Clearing House

Few Americans realize, the USA once already, in the 1950’s, (CIA/Mossad), over threw the Iranian government, installed a brutal dictator puppet to zionism, who was not deposed by the Iranian people, until 1979-1980.

The USA, (CIA/Mossad), have from that very moment, the Iranians became free once again, once again tried to make them zionist slaves, once again.

That is what all this BS about Iran in the Western Whore Media is about!
Making the Iranian people, good obedient slaves to zionism again!

And if a few million Goy have to die in another Usury Pedophile Bankers Long Planned, innocent blood, bloodletting, World War 3, SO what!

From the Usury Banker Pedophiles, who’s religion teaches, Jesus the Christ is in Hell, Boiling in Human Shit!

And Teaches, His Mother Was a Whore!

Not My America!

John C Carleton.

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