Documenting Palestinian Invisibility for 40 years-Mondowiss

As an American, i hope America does not reap what the USA has sown.

As a soul, which strives for total illumination, but realizes many battles to be fought before that point, my soul is repulsed by two legged animals who could treat any humanity in this fashion!

That soul understands, when the bill for drunken debotury parties come due, the bill must be paid, by those who did the parting, no one else, no external savior who dies for them, their selfish and cowardly ass!

So i know as sure as what goes up, must come down, i know America must pay for her evil, blood lust letting parties.

i pray for my country, and yes, even the ball less sheep i despise for their self imposed ignorance, and their cowardliness, that they will have the balls, the fortitude, to come out the other end, a better people, a better country.

May it be Above as it is Below.

John C Carleton

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