Parting The Sea Filled with the Blood of the Innocent, Spilled by the Evil of zionism.

Thats what the internet has done!

i will come back to that thought.

Now, first thing a zionist “christian does to someone questions their personal nightmare, as the only reality, is scream at the top of their lungs, ATHIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, no, not at all.

i just don’t share your insanity, thats all.

When i was researching bible theology, i stumbled across a guy, learned all them languages the different scrolls and things were written in, and said, the Red Sea was a mistranslation, the real sea was the Reed Sea, a much more shallow sea.

Now, my faith is, if the creator, wanted to walk from Merry ole, to America without getting the feet wet, that which is, is quite capable of separating the Atlantic ocean, and walking across on dry land.

So the depth of a sea, is immaterial to me.

Most kings, back in the early years of humanity clawing its way back out of the dark ages, could not read.

They depended on priest, telling them what a document, treaty, said.

They depended on the same to write their communications with other Sovereigns, and most of those sovereigns had to in turn have the priest on that end read it and tell the king what it said.

Now, if you have not figured out how the bastards got humanity by the balls yet, you are sllloooooowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Education, not schooling, but education to truth, reality, is the silver tipped wooden stake which will free humanity from the slavery of the fallen ones.

The internet, makes that education possible.

Now the parting of the innocent blood sea of zionism.

Ever do TV interviews?

i have.

Try to get a word in edge ways, about stopping the wars, the despicable way the USA treats the veterans, the abuse of the souls by law enFORCEment, all that ends up on the cutting room floor, and you say, on TV, only what THEY want the sheep to hear!

They use you, to further their illusion.

They own the presses, the TV stations, radio stations, magazines.

All you are going to see in media, in the news, in movies, are me first, moral less, ass holes who do not give a shit about America!

They will never allow you to see anything else if they can help it.

There are other give a shit about America, souls out there, but they can not see each other, because, they are few compared to the masses, and they are lost, hid by the Illusion the zionist weave, from public sight, just as homeless are herded on to the seedy backstreets of the run down part of town.

Out of sight, out of mind.

But the internet, parts that sea of illusion, fueled with the blood of the innocent, and allows give a shitters, to see each other, even when separated by thousands of miles.

The Internet, is to evil, what pandora’s box was to good, when it was opened.

They can try to slam the lid, but the truth is out there, with thousands now, they can not kill them all.

They are increasing in number day by day, as young parents, look at their babies, and say, fuck those bastards, not my child, not my home, not my town, not my country!

The silver tipped arrow, from the truth crossbow, is even now in flight.

Even if the Bowman, is taken out, the flight of the arrow will continue, and pierce the heart of darkness, providing illumination, to a world which has had little of the Light in many hundreds of years, perhaps, thousands.

Too late for the dark side.

Done deal.

Let it be above, as it is below.

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