Dedicated to the Veterans Administration, as they let my brothers teeth rot out.-YouTube

My brother is a second cousin to George Washington.
Drafted, left his wife, never saw his first child till he came home from Viet Nam.

Got on with life.

Retired as a handy man/janitor from a mid sized Baptist Church in Texas.

Social security for someone at that pay level, is minimal.

Property Taxes eat up what money he does have.

The VA, has screwed him again and again on his ratings, when they did not have to.

So, a second cousin, of George Washington, who served the United States in a foreign war, because they told him to, and he did not run to Canada, can not chew his food, while illegals are given every fucking thing Uncle Sugars Pedophile ass can think to give them!

And spends trillions on illegal wars, making more American Veterans, they will fuck for fun and perverse pleasure.

Tried to get my brother to file on the VA for years, he would not do so, until he damn near died from complications from agent Orange.

First thing he filed on was his hearing, damn near deaf, M-14, Viet Nam, and they fucking denied him.

He called me up and he was HOT!

After he unloaded to me about the VA, i said:

You remember when you were a young man, and Uncle sugar fucked you anytime, any way he wanted to?

Then you got out of the military, and got used to Uncle Sugar not sticking his thing up your ass?

Well, welcome to getting reacquainted, with Uncle Sugar, fucking you up the ass again!

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF AMERICAN VETS, can tell the damn near same story of abuse, lies, not giving a shit about them from Washington DC!

This is a fucking national disgrace, and trials should be held.

Ass holes should be hanged, on the lamp post, in DC in front of the VA headquarters.

Fucking national disgrace!

John C Carleton

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