How Jews Celebrate Murder-Real Jew News

Jews are their own worst enemy.

The vast majority, seem to feel they deserve to do any damn thing they want, to everyone else.

They seem adverse, to labor, the earning of ones keep, by the sweat of their brow.

They seem to think other people should do the labor and sweating, just hand to the Jew, the fruits of other peoples labor.

i have tried my best, to accept the Jew, as just another person, but they refuse to let me, as they keep fucking my country and people, demanding special privilege.

Alright them, i will give Jewery, special attention in defense of my country.

Good two years back, told one Jewish woman, went to school with my wife, there were things about Israhell, which would come out, sooner or later, and she really did not want to be identified with Israhell, as a Jew who supported Israhell.

She said she had taken the star off her pass port, Blow-Blaw_blaw.

Trump announced the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, she was shitting her pants in joy, on Facebook, so were other “American” Jews i knew.

I notice, none of them served in the military, they have children, grandchildren of age, but none serve in the military, but they are overjoyed, at a move, WHICH WILL, lead to WAR, in which USA soldiers die as a result, just not their children and grandchildren.

War for Zionism, good for Goy to die for, not good for Jews to die for.

Just like they want someone else do their labor, they want someone else to do their fighting and dying.

They are their own worst enemies.

And they ARE not Americans.

America is a place in the heart, if the heart is filled with occupied Palestine, there is no place in the heart for America.

America’s enemies, are my enemies, because America is in my heart.

John C Carleton

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