Film review: Te Spider’s Web-Britain’s Second Empire-New thinking for the British Economy

This is a very good read if you wish to keep your children, grandchildren, from being used as tax slaves, sex toys, cannon fodder in Usury Banker wars. Educate yourself America! Cast off the blindness of your zionist indoctrination! John C Carleton

A Zionist Christian Stands before the Light

A life long, give 10 percent to the church, there every time the doors were open, Christian zionist stands before the Light, having just assumed room temperature on the other side. The Zionist tells the Light, Wheres my wings, harp of gold, halo, Hurry, i am ready to start partying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The light said, hold up […]

Dust in the wind-Kansas-YouTube.

When the blink of the eye of this life is over, how will you be remembered. what will you face standing before the light? A well done!, for fighting against evils such as pedophilia, Usury, Usury Bakers Wars, Genocides, Holocaust, mass starvations, mass slavery of humanity? Or will the light say, depart from me you […]

US Policy: Provocation & War-Global Research

The stupidity, the ignorance, the don’t give a shit of American sheep, to Washington DC’s evil, peophilia, theft, murder, war crimes, Genocide, disgust me. i find most American sheep to be wasting good air when they breath, eating food which could feed the hungry around the world. When most take their last breath, they will […]