Jesus the Christ, and the Hypocrites, Who Claim The Christ, as “BOSS”

Jesus the Christ, came to try to get his people, the Hebrews, no other people, just the hebrews, to repent, stop raping children, stealing everything they could, taking bribes, religious leaders getting fat and rich, peddling bull shit to the masses of cowardly, corrupt, evil people.

They murdered him and partied on, until the Romans put an end to their party.

The hebrews, not Hebrews any longer, were your Vikings, the English, The Irish, the Welch, the Scottish, and, yes, even the French somewhat.

The people calling themselves Jews, are Slavic/Turkmen outcast, from the steppes of Russia and Ukraine, who converted to the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult, the Hebrews picked up while in captivity in Babylon, between 0700-0800 AD.

Now, don’t give a whatever, where you came from, what people you came from.

If you call yourself a Christian, and serve a people, who’s very religion, incorporates Pedophilia, then you are a liar, or a fool.

Jesus the Christ, said chain some cinderblocks around a pedophiles neck, and throw them in the deep end of the pool.

Now, when ‘Christians” start obeying the orders, of Jesus the Christ, which they love to throw in everyones face, as a reason they can do whatever the hell they want, and start chaining cinder blocks around the neck of pedophiles, throwing them in the deep end, i will reassess my opinion of ‘Christians”.

Until that time, in my mind, they will remain lovers of Pedophiles, who piss in the face of Jesus the Christ.

Little secret, going to call yourself a christian, need to do what Jesus ordered you to.

There should be a pile of cinder blocks and chain by the front door of every Christian’s home.

Otherwise, they are just evil, lying, hypocritical sacks of shit.

Nothing more, nothing less!

John C Carleton