The is no “Pure” Blooded Anything Out There, Anywhere, Get Over It!

i am one of those fortunate, or unfortunate few, percentage wise, who can trace their ancestors many lines, very far back.

i read about my ancestors invading and murdering my other ancestors.
Troy, Visigoth, Babylon, Judah, Rome, Egypt, Scandinavia, italy, Spain, France, Ireland, Wales, England, and many more.

We are all Mutts!

Every damn one of us!

Anyone out there with a corn cob up their ass, because they are “Pure Blood”something or the other, is an idiot and a fool!

I am a American Viking.
Before that, i was an English Viking,
Before that, i was a Norman Viking,
Before that, there is debate, if i was a Norwegian or Danish Viking.

Got news for you, Both sets of Vikings, liked pretty women, and had boats.

i figure there was some exchanging of greetings between the sexes back and forth.

My wife, is of Irish/English/Cherokee on one side, Basque, some undetermined Native American, and some german, Irish spikelet in i believe.

When a daughter, was in grade school, she had figured out, she was a mutt.

She asked me, “Daddy what am i”.

I told her, you are an American!

Told her, i don’t give a damn where you come from, as long as you embrace the American way of life, don’t try to force on Americans, the shit you ran from.

Take care of your family, don’t come with your hand out, or a smart assed racist attitude.

Don’t thumb your nose at our rules, don’t steal our shit, rape our children and women.

Told her i don’t give a shit if you look like the purple People eater, as long as you WANT to be an American, and learn to be damn well civilized!

America is my country, my land, my home.

My family lines, left the old country, for a new.

i owe no loyalty to the old country.

i owe my life and loyalty to America, she is my mother, my lover, my heartbeat.

I have died for her, twice.

Any, who betray her, is dead to me.

Any who rape her, molest her children, murder her young, steal her bounty, is my enemy.

When i arrive, in Valhalla, there should be, a long line of enemy dead who have paraded, before my forebears, before they greet me!

Lo, do i see my father,
Lo, do i see my mother and my sisters and my brothers,
Lo, do i see my line of people all the way back to the beginning,
Lo, They do Call to me,
Lo, they bid me take my place amongst them,
In the halls of Valhalla,
Where the brave, may live forever!


John C Carleton