Putin Has Invaded America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friend of mine, lives in the mid West, told me around 0400 hours this morning, a bear got into and destroyed a bird feeder.

Now, this sounded suspicious to me!

So i strolled out to the goat yard, and had a Chat with Ramsar, my reformed, repentant, zionist reincarnated as a Billy Goat.

When he repented, he came over to the Lights side, and the Light sent him to run The Sovereign Kingdom of Carleton’s, intelligence service, FTZMF, (Fuck The Zionist Motherfuckers!).

i had him send his buddy, the Russian fly double agent on the wall, which Ramsar turned, to investigate in Putins bedroom.

Sure enough, he heard Putin confiding in Nitwityahoo, as they cuddled, he had thought the bird feeder had shekels in it!

This is a serious breach of protocol!

Invasions of America on grounds of hunting for shekels, is frowned on by real Americans!

Now i raised the question of BBQing that bear, if he returned, but he said he is sorry meat!

Could always put them Russian Bears, caught in America, in the compost pile!

Make jewelry out of their teeth and claws i suppose!

Be best if the Russian Bears, just stayed in Russia.

And the Nitwityahoo loving Bear, owes my friend for a new bird feeder!

John C Carleton

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