Ignoring the Astana Talk, the US is Increasing It’s Military Presence in Syria’s Deir en-Zor Providence-Straticgic Culture

The USA, being in Syria at all, without Authorization from the Syrian Government, is a war crime for which, if tried at Nuremberg, most of the White house and congress would have been convicted and hanged for War crimes. Syria, has no, has not threatened to, attack America. Don’t give a damn which pedophile political […]

Evidence Shows America’s Foster Care System Is a front For Child Sex Trafficking-The Last American Vagabond

Zionist just love raping children Washington DC is full of baby raping murderers. The American sheep vote for them again and again. Jesus the Christ, said one should chain some cinder blocks, (actually he said millstone, but there are more pedophiles than millstones now), around a baby raping Pedophiles neck and throw them in the […]