i Remember the Moment, My Soul, Entered This Human Animal

i was beween 1 & 2, or a bit over 2, when my soul entered this life of the i’s Human Animal.

Now, Father was a small church pastor, no one ever accused him of doing it for the money, like that lard ass hypocrite, church secretary humping, sack of shit, John Hagee.

The old Baptist personage, which had asbestos shingles on the outside, sheet rock on the inside, and air between those, was also not built for the family the size of ours.

Slept in my baby bed until i was about three, and dad took another church, a son went off to college, and the new parsonage, had a room where two full sized beds for three boys, and one for my sister, who had never had one of her own before, and my parents did not have to have someone come through their bedroom to get to the bathroom.

We were uptown!

My family might have been blue bloods, but we were poooooooooorrrrreeeeeee blue bloods.

Anyway, back to the old house.

The moment my soul arrived, i was big enough to climb out of the baby bed, run to my mother, and explain about thise big bird which had carried me in it’s claws, over the tops of the trees, way up in the sky!

She assured me it was only a bad dream!

Now how the hell does a two year old, don’t know what the hell the top of a tree looks like, dream about the tops of trees!

Not ONE memory, in this life, before that one.

The Eagle, to a Viking, means a different thing than to others who view it as the symbol of Empire.

Eagle to a Viking, represents, Bravery, War and Death.

i wear an eagle, with the eyes of March, on the pointing finger, of my right hand.

A hand, which has mended out, much death.

Being Viking, the Viking translation is;
The God of Bravery, War, and Death, had delivered me to my new human body, to take up a very old fight.

i am an American, if you betray America, you are my enemy!

May that which is, spare America, from that which she deserves!

John Carleton

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