The Piker Battalion Band

Edward the First
Khazarian zionist butt kicker outer of Merry Ole!

Yes they begged, they lied, they swore,
On the fact their wife was both their own mother and a whore,

They had not done this crime so vile,
The slaughtered children’s remains still in their domiciles,

English Children, ritually raped and drained of blood,
Lying pale in the lice and vermin filled floors of mud,

Of their dens of horror, pain, debotury and sin,
While the cowards wailed they were innocent again,

Edward said i must from English shores this filth run,
Till their shadow can not be sent here by the Sun,

But first my Pikers a song to sing,
A song of buggering this evil ring,

Their birds came home to roost in their end,
A poetic justice to the situation seeming to lend,

But he swore if this ever happened again in his Land,
Edward would again assembled the Piker Battalion Band,

The Ole Dog!

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