Run Children Run!

The red Russian Turkmen mongrel khazarian outcast took aim with his gun-
As the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian mother Screamed, RUN children, RUN!-

The Pedophile Usury Buck toothed one-
Swore the slaughter had just begun-

The child lie there, bloody, still and pale-
Never to grow up, grandchildren tales to tell,

The grieving, terrified mother was next,
He mowed them down as easy as going through an index,

Her six month old baby sitting on the ground alive among the dead,
As the brave IDF solder shot the terrified child through the head,

Nitwityahoo pinned a medal to his Chest,
Said of all Israhelli’s he was the best,

Leaves one wondering up hill and down dale,
If there are any Imps left in Hell!

The Ole Dog!

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