Palestinians Are the Only Power recognized as Legal or Moral, In Palestine By Kingdom of Carleton

By order of King John de Carleton,
Most high Sovereign of,
His Royal highness,
Of the Tribe of Judah,
With a Levite in the wood pile,
Great Nobel Protector of,

Kingdom of Carleton:

Doth hereby proclaim, the King of the kingdom of Carleton, King John de Carleton, recognizes no rights to, no land belonging to, no legal Authority, in occupied Palestine, other than the Palestinian people.

Furthermore, said King John de Carleton, forbids any any subject, of the Kingdom of Carleton, from doing commerce with, or granting aid to, in any fashion, to the despicable, the illegal red Russian Mongolian mongrel Khazarian 0740 AD mass converts to the Babylonian Pedophile’s End of Times Death Cult Dark Ages religion outcast, from the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine, which are their ancestral home lands, the same scurvy scum, which are Holocusting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian People, for perverse pleasure and profit, in the Semitic Palestinians ancestral Homelands.

This is the official Royal Proclamation # 1, of King John de Carleton, Royal Prodigy, of countless Kings, War Lords, Emperors, Pharaohs, big Lizards, Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Slayers of false prophets, leaders of Crusades to, and Kings of the “Holy Land”.

So be it Below,
As it is Above!

For King John De Carleton;

John C Carleton
(Royal Town Square News Crier)
(Personal Secretary to the King)

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