The Evil Bush

‘THE EVIL BUSH’ There was a damn yankee carpetbagger family named Bush, Which did America up the tush, Generation after generation the vermin did run, To the public trough to avoid labor in the sun, The latest Bush parasite it seems, Is having a damn yankee wet dream, Of defacing the Alamo memorial to the […]

The Feds!

The Feds! The Feds are still occupying the South, Like a one hundred, fifty four year drouth, Statues of the confederate dead, Daily murdered by the Fed, Are gone from Southern Park and street, Trampled jeeringly under the Fed’s feet, The Pedophile Empire’s Lust, Has caused the dream of a free America, to turn to […]

The Piker Battalion Band

‘The Piker Battalion Band’ Yes they begged, they lied, they swore, On the fact their wife was both their own mother and a whore, They had not done this crime so vile, The slaughtered children’s remains still in their domiciles, English Children, ritually raped and drained of blood, Lying pale in the lice and vermin […]

Run Children Run!

The red Russian Turkmen mongrel khazarian outcast took aim with his gun- As the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian mother Screamed, RUN children, RUN!- The Pedophile Usury Buck toothed one- Swore the slaughter had just begun- The child lie there, bloody, still and pale- Never to grow up, grandchildren tales to tell, The grieving, terrified mother was […]

The Worst Man In Modern History

It seems extraordinary that in defiance of all factual history and philosophical knowledge anyone should celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx. More than anyone, through wrong-headed ideas, he bears responsibility, indirectly admittedly, for the deaths of an estimated one hundred million people in the last century, and the severe suppression though economic […]

Netanyahu: “Let You and Him Fight-Unz Review

America, do you REALLY like your sons, and now daughters, coming home in body bags, the living with PTSD, missing limbs, damaged brains from high explosives bobbie traps, for fucking Israhell? If you do, Please tell me why! i really want to understand the Cluster Fuck, America has become, under zionist occupation! John C Carleton […]