Why i Fight On in the Midst of a Herd of Don’t Give a Shit Sheep

i turned 60 years old while back.

Did my war, been married three times, worked at several different professions, attended several different colleges along the way.

In those sixty years, after my father had died, i have been able to find, in the people i associated with, just a handful of men, who were worth a shit.

Only woman i found worth a shit, i have stayed with 32 years.
Don’t mean she ain’t a pain in the ass, but when the enemy is at the gate, she will be back to back with me.

The majority of the small number of men i have found, who are worth a shit, i have never met physically, in this life.
It has been on the internet i found a very few good men.

Of all the men i have come in contact with physically, in sixty years, not including my father, numbers two men, and one is getting ready to report back to home port, which will leave one man, who i have physically met in my life, i would trust his word.

The American people, even the ones been in this country for several lives, along with the newer arrivals, will lie, steal, cheat on their mates, go back on their word.

If they thought they would not get caught, most would steal candy from a baby.

So why am i fighting on in the face of don’t give a shit sheep, who poop on my feet, bleat angrily at the truth?

Sure as hell is not for the American sheep.

i got rid of hate in my life, and it was a hard won victory, cause i have had some people screw me real damn bad.
Have more than one invisible scar, from that knife blade in my back. Person wants to hate, i have plenty of reason, but hate drags the hater down, not the hated.

But i have some supersize disdain left, and when you look in my dictionary under disdain, there is a picture of a human sheep.

i hold the disdain, for the sheep, only one who had stood alone, life after life, abandoned by the sheep i was trying to save from themselves, when the enemy i was trying to save them from, came for me.

That is why, even as a young man, my dream was always, to buy about 100-500 acres somewhere, live in the middle of it.

i love being alone with nature, but i came to realize, the reason i yearned so much, for that place, was so i could secure myself from the ignorance, the cowardliness, dishonor, the fucking always bleating in fear or ignorance, sheep!

That is why that which is, never let it happen,

When my father entered the ministry, he was farming a 31 acre sandy land farm with mules.

My mother forced him to sell it.
She said, if you have this place to run back to, every time you get discouraged, you will never do what you could, in your ministry.

If i had 500 acres, with a creek running through it, i would not come off it until three days after my coffee supply ran out.

i would mark off the intervals at 100 yards, so i would know how high to elevate my rifle, those sheep tried to get to my house.

So i did not get that which i though, my heart yearned for the most.

i find, what my heart wants most, is to do my Duty.

Now,if you do not understand all i am saying, with that one word, DUTY, then with all the words in my vocabulary, i could not make you understand.

Other than my Duty, there is one more reason i do this, one more reason, i put up with having to deal with these worthless fucking sheep.

The children.

Now, some of those kids are not innocent, because their soul is evil, they brought the evil with them, when they grow up, they will be evil adults.

No saving them from themselves.

But some of these kids, are not evil, their souls are just immature. They have not had the number of lives, it takes, for them personally, to achieve honor, Duty, Service, illumination.

In other words, to grow up to be like the handful of men, in my life, who’s word or “friendship”, really meant a damn thing.

The evil are evil, and will return again and again, to live a life of evil, UNTIL, they have had enough, and surrender to the Light.

The majority though, are like a candle in the wind, they will go whichever way the wind is blowing.

In order to see the wind blows them in the direction of Spiritual growth, one has to block or remove, the catalyst for the wrong way blowing wind.

It is a fact, those in power, have known this for millions of years, take one of them human sheep kids, teach it what you want it to believe the rest of it’s life, and 97 to 99 percent, will never question what they were indoctrinated with, and if someone else does, they will attack that person, for endangering their illusion of reality.

Therefore, if one wants a better world, one must stop the indoctrination of the children, with evil bullshit, any fucking way it takes to achieve that end.

Let tell you about my mother.

She had the zionist shit beat into her head from a young child, she spent her life, being judgmental, of other people, who had the courage, she did not, to break free of the prison of their indoctrination.

My mother, spent her life, being someone, who she did not want to be, afraid if she actually thought for herself, happened to have some fun, “God”, would BBQ her ass over slow coals for eternity.

Thats what you are dealing with, thats why the indoctrination of children with this crap, has to be stoped, the chain of evil, must be broken.

Let me tell you about the last years of my Christian zionist mothers life.

She had these mini strokes, which pealed back the illusions of her good, loving, mother and Christian women.

The selfishness, she had hid all her life, came out.

Her whole damn life was a lie, a wasted life.

She infected several of her children, with the zionist virus, they are infecting theirs with it.

There is a memory, i pull out of when i could have been no more than two.

My father had taken us camping at a lake somewhere.

At the boat dock, he had bought every one a soda.

i remember wanting to taste my mothers, and i liked it better than mine, so she traded, but not without with a snide remark about the pain of motherhood.

None of that shit was ever real. She was a hypocrite, to herself and to others.

This is why the children must be protected from this type indoctrination.

If she had been allowed to see reality, and know the rules to the game, she might have actually got out there, lived, screwed up, learned from her mistakes, and grew spiritually.

But the zionist virus, stole her life from her, ate her brain and soul, left a zionist zombie, awaiting the orders of her Voodoo god.

It is, to try to stop, the indoctrination of the children, i fight.
To try to give them a future, where they have the truth available to them, and can make a free choice, if they want to grow, or piss away another life, being a self centered coward and ass hole, a canker on the ass of humanity.

They must be given that choice.

You will not see a world worth a shit, until they are given that choice.

Anything necessary, to give them that choice, giving the world a chance to move forward towards full illumination, must be done and/or used.

i fight for the children’s future, cause about 99.999 percent of the adults out there, can go fuck themselves up their own ass, for all i care.

Time after time, they have turned on, abandoned those they prayed for the Light to send, to help them deliver themselves, from their oppressors.

Problem is, they forget about that ” self and help” part, run home, hide under their beds, until they sneak out, go to the execution of the one sent to save them from themselves, and jeer and cheer his death, just as the pig fuckers did, to Jesus the Christ.

Yeah, fuck you ignorant cowardly, backstabbing, butt fucking, evil sons of bitching sheep.

Fuck you!

Get the fuck out of my face, and quite trying to piss on my boots!

i remain, dedicated to the Light, and my duty, and i continue, to shine a light, into the corners of the world,

i remain, Diogenes, looking for a few, honest, Duty bound, men.

For Duty and the children sake.

In case you happened to have missed it, i said,the adult sheep, can form a train around the world, do the Bunny Hop Dance, humping each other at every jump, nut to butt, like scabs in line, awaiting chow, at an Officers Training Military School.

The children are the only hope humanity has on this rock, and only if they are not allowed to be infected with the zionist virus!

John C Carleton

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