Lady DI, was truly a Lady.

A Rose in a pig pin.

A breath of fresh air, in the familiar smell of rotting children copses traditionally taint the air of the Dens of the “British”, elite, and their cousins in Washington DC.

She was i am proud to say, a cousin, several different ways i am sure, but the most direct i know of, puts her and myself at either 16th or 17th, i forget which.

My line hit Virginia in the 1600’s.

We never had the chance to meet, but that is one “Royal”, i would have had no problem bending a knee to, or kissing her hand in respect.

May God rest her soul!

i was just proud to know, the line was still capable of producing a reflection to the world, of the Light.

She was not only my cousin, she was my princess in my heart, the only one i acknowledge in this life.

When she was murdered, the last innocence in Britain died!

Educate yourselves, times coming, you will need this information.

John C Carleton

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