Britons Real Monarch-YouTube

That evil old, ugly, child murdering and eating, German cow, illegal welfare scammer, squatting in Buckingham, is a fucking fake.

Deport the whole damn bunch back to Germany!

Or draw and quarter her and no chin Charlie, for murdering my cousin Lady Di, who the dragon married no chin charlie off to, to get some legitimate blood in her Grandsons.

Of course, as Di found herself in a den of Lizards, in a loveless arranged marriage, she had an affair.

The youngest is not Chinless Charlie’s.

If he were, he would never be allowed to marry a half black girl.

These pigs, for being fake trashballs, are very racist.

Here is a bit more proof the ole cow is a fake.

‘Was Richard 3ed illegitimate? Brake in DNA line could raise questions over Queens Royal Heritage’

John C Carleton

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