109 Locations whence Jews been Expelled since AD 250-Bible Belivers

All these people were just jealous of the chosen ones.

i am sure it had nothing to do with fucking the host countries little boys up the ass, murdering them, stealing land, wealth with their Usury banking which Jesus the Christ chased out of the temple.

He also said pedophiles who butt fuck children, whether they murder the children in their heathen rituals later or not, or murder them to cover their perversions, should have some cinder blocks chained around their neck, and be thrown in the deep end of the pool.

People would listened to the Christ, there would not be a zionist problem in this world, cause them ass holes, in the 1,768 years from being being kicked out for butt fucking children, in 250 AD, murdering them, stealing the widows home and last Mite with Usury, have steadfastly refused to stop their evil and perverted ways.

Not a damn bit of repentance in the whole mother fucking and child raping bunch!

People chain some cinder blocks around the pedophiles neck like the christ said, throw em in the deep end of the pool, Pedophilia would not be the #1 entertainment, in Washington DC, and Tel Aviv!

Cinder blocks are cheap, so is chain!

John C Carleton


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