Ok, So i’m a Big Lizard!, So What!


i admit it, i have more Lizard in me than most could handle.
Sometimes i do, and sometimes i don’t handle it all that well.

Depends on who it is, and how pissed they get me.

i am being truthful, you been lied to all your lives, by your kings, your presidents, your priest, your school teachers, your Sunday school teachers, preachers, parents.

Some knew they were lying, some did not.

Some were just passing along the propaganda they had been indoctrinated with, they thought it was true.

See, my fathers line came from the Carleton’s.
Now they were bad enough, but mix in the Hudson’s, the McCully’s, the Spencer’s, the Washington’s, the Wright’s, the Butler’s, the De Ayala’s, well, thats a lot of Lizard dick there.

But then you bring in that Huguenot line, with my GG grandfather James Lafayette DuBose, who’s mother was a Lamar, well, more Lizard dick.

There have been two times, other than during my war, when i know people saw the big Lizard.

First one;
Now i have known some damn good, fine, Masons, men i would trust my life with.
There was one, if they had sent me to another war, he was going to have an accident.
He was a false Mason.

He learned the words, but did not understand the meanings of the words, they were just words.
Without enlightenment on a subject, words or just words.

He was a suck ass, did not understand real military shit, was going to get my men killed.
He was always there for himself, and used the Masons, to get special privilege, as a step latter, just as he so used the men under him.

Once when i was teaching a new group of young NCOs, i mentioned the habit of troops in Viet Nam, fragging ass hole officers, was going to get their men killed/them killed.

This one newly minted Petty Officer, puffed with pride at his lonely one chevon, said; “I guess it is our job as NCO’s to stop that!

i replied, no, it is our job as NCO’s to frag them so our men don’t have to!

i set store by the lives entrusted to me!
No one was going to get my men killed so they could get a fucking medal or promotion!
Hell No!

My second cousin, George Washington, was the commanding officer, American Colonies, General Commanding.

Now, i have to fess up to a couple thing along the way.

First, a bit more distant, (but not a hell of a lot), cousin was at one point, British General commanding, Sir Guy Carleton, of which half of Canada is named for.

He stopped the Americans at Quebec.
He had a lot of Lizard in him.

Second, my ggg grandfather, Lewis Carleton’s brother Thomas, was a Tory.
Ggg GrandfatherCarleton, spent three years in the Virginia troops, on record standing guard, and in Hospital, Valley Forge.
Wounded in the chest with a musket ball, battle of Brandy Wine.
Discharged, (a copy hangs on my wall), went home to his Moms farm in Virginia, but she had sold out, moved with son Thomas, (the Tory remember), we will get to this, to North Carolina.

There where two more sons, John who is said to have served, but died or moved soon afterward, his line got lost.

Ambrose, came out a sergeant in American forces, became a Baptist preacher, Back-Slid, believe some churches call this “Falling from Grace”.
Now i am not talking falling from grace with the church, but he became a yankee!
Moved to Indiana, his grandsons, and lewis’s/ Thomase’s grandsons, shot at each other during the rape of the South, 1861 to present.

But back to Thomas the Tory.

Lewis is walking to his moms new farm in N C.

It is winter 1880.

Get up a ways, and comes across, this American Coronal, guarding a bunch of Tory prisoners. Now, Torys were like the American Militia guys, not real all the time professional solders.
They may go do a battle with the regular troops, and go home.

Lewis looks in the prisoners, and sees his brother Thomas in the bunch.

Well, the Carleton’s been fighting the English wars since ole Baldwin Carleton, (Carleton not used at the time), came from Normandy with his cousin to kick the English’s ass.

Three Carleton Brothers died in one battle, on one day, fighting the evil of Cromwell’s fanatical zionism, (Puritanism).

A side note here, William was Viking, and so was the King of England, just a fight between two Viking war lords.

Anyway, Lewis showed his new discharge, three years fighting for the Colonies, (Thats called rebelling against ones King).
Thats ok, cause Edward the Fourth was a Bastard son of a commoner, sired while his supposed father the prince, was plum out of the country, fighting a war.
You know them big Lizards!

This makes all, “British Monarchs from him on, right till the ole imposter squatting in Buckingham Palace, illegitimate Monarchs.

Now this Coronal, did not have a clue what he was going to do with all those torys, so with a promise to keep him out of anymore fights, Thomas was released in Lewis’s custody.

Course, somewhere along the line, ole Thomas stopped describing himself as a Tory soldier, and just called himself a Revolutionary war solder.

In 1929, the Sons of The American Revelation, approved Thomas’s service, in the war, as a qualifier for intrence into the club.

No skin off my ass.

Now we going to back up a bit.

My ggggg great grandfather, Wright, was a Major, in the Virginia home guard, too old to go.
His son, Was a Captain, (They were big lizards also).

My gggg grandfather Wright, did not have to go either, because of his age, but he did.
He died, soon after the war, complication with his lungs from Valley Forge.

His son in Law, my ggg grandfather Petty, (he had a lot of Lizard in him too), served one hitch, three years, then went in place of someone paid him to go in their place, for a second hitch.

This time he served as a scout.
This means, if caught, the British would have hung him.

His Daughter, married my gg Grandfather Carleton.
A medical Doctor, and a lay Baptist minister.

He managed to not fight a war, a oddity among most Carleton’s it seems.

His Son, William Lewis Carleton, was a Medical Doctor, and a circuit riding Methodist Minister.
He was a straight up fourth cousin of Stonewall Jackson.
A fifth cousin, to Lt Col., John Augustine Washington, Ad de Camp, to General robert E Lee.
John was the Last Washington to live at Mount Vernon, and was assassinated by the United States, in West Virginia, 1861, from ambush, while he was scouting with three other high ranking officers, to include Fitz Lee.
He was also 10th, 11th, and 13th cousin to Robert E Lee, as well as some more ways i expect from Surnames.
He was 13th cousin, to General Richard Taylor, CSA, son of the late USA president Taylor.

Bet Most Americans never guessed they had an Lizard infestation in the white house in the old days.

Now they got a pedophile and sewer rat infestation which covers every damn inch of Washington DC.

When the evil spawn of Cromwell, invaded my g grandfathers homeland, he went down and signed up, even though as a minister, he was exempt from having to go.

There were two ministers riding big circuits in frontier Arkansas.

They decided, one should take both circuits, and one should go shoot yankees.

My G Grandfather was younger, although he has several kids, a wife, his widowed mother to think of. Wars are never convenient, so he said he’d do it. Having studied the Carleton’s don’t think you could have kept him out of it.
But the older minister, bought my great grandfather a greatcoat to go in.
When the Confederacy decided they needed chaplains, he was appointed to that position,

Did the same thing he was already doing, but now he was a Captain doing it.

He still shot yankees, unless the dying needed him more.

One story which came down.

At a battle, which one is lost to time, one of his friends, was shot down by his side.
He knelt and prayed with his dying friend, as the yankee bullets were knocking bark into his eyes from a nearby live oak tree.

i used to wonder if i could do that.
Knell and pray with the dying, while they were shooting at me?

i did my war, i knew i could shoot back, but could i do as my g grandfather had done, in complete faith, in the hand of That Which Is?

After a lot of training and soul searching, paying for mistakes, this life as well as past ones, i found the answer.

When one, with complete surrender, tells the Creator, i will do my duty, i desire to do my duty, please show me my duty, and help me to do it with honor, one is at peace, and yes, i could now do as my g grandfather did.

i might mention, my great grandmother, Margret Tucker Carleton’s father, Andrew Tucker, was with the Mississippi troops, with ole Hickory, (another cousin, had a lot of Lizard in him), at the Battle of New Orleans, in 1814.

Now the history books say the battle was fought after the war ended, but Jackson did not know the war had ended.
Being a Lizard myself, thinking Lizard like, Jackson came all this way down there, got the troops built up for a fight, by GOD, there WAS going to be a DAMN FIGHT!

You know how them big Lizards are.

Now, on my mothers side, they got a lot of that Lizard too, but got some Lion from the Huguenot line.

My GG grandfather Baker, served the duration of the war, with the 13th Texas Calvary, in the trans Mississippi Forces.
His Great grandfather Baker, had served in the American Militia, during the First Revolution.

His grandson, married this Frenchy girl.

Her mothers Father, was part of the Texas 1st Light artillery.
He was part of the force, marched into San Antonio, Texas, demanded the Surrender of the Yankee General, stayed around guarding the city, until things got organized. they became know as the Alamo City Guards.

In appreciation, the current mayor, Pendjoberg, and his band of La Raza Hairless Chihuahua’s, down at San Antonio, City Hall, recently, illegally, tore down, damaged, took down, stole, is holding in secret, where the Southern organization do not even know where their property is, to include two cannons, and a statue to the Confederate soldiers.

This dedication, in 1899, was attended by both Confederate and USA veterans, who had set aside their war, and became friends.

There is a yankee soldier, came to Texas, buried just outside the Confederate cemetery in San Antonio.
He ran a bar, in which all the old Confederate veterans hung out.
When he died, the veterans got him a plot just outside, as it was his wish, to be buried with his friends, but rules kept a yankee out of the cemetery.

These ass holes at city hall, pissed on the memories, of the warriors, from both sides, put the war behind them, did the best they could, to keep the country going in the right direction, and strong!

The park they stole these things out of, had been given to the Daughters of the Confederacy, perpetually, by the San Antonio City Council, in 1905, and that is on the damn minuets from that meeting.

This was a deliberate Felony Criminal Act by the
San Antonio-LULAC, Texas hating, City Hall.

And they refuse to surrender the Land, or return the property they stole.

Might do shit that way down in Mexico, but this is Texas!

They slapped, my gg Grandfather, right across the son of a bitching face.

Thanks ass holes!

That pisses the big Lizard off.

My Frenchy grandmother, her grandfather, was James Lafayette DuBose.

Now i like his way of doing business.

He found himself, in an Arkansas hard luck infantry outfit.
Everyone was trying to transfer to other outfits.They would not allow his to transfer, so he deserted.

When the Confederate authorities caught up with him three months later, he was in the Cavalry.
Hey, he was shooting yankees, so they told him to keep shooting yankees, he kept acting as Sargent, and got payed as a private.

The official entry in his Confederate Record is, “In Cavalry Without Authority”.

He and i share a disdain for “authority”, when it is going to get our ass killed for stupid, economic reasons, or because of inapt leadership.

My Grandfather Baker, served in the Fields of France, WW 1.

A Brother in Korea.
A brother in Viet Nam
And i did mine.

Now as long as i am confessing, my third cousin on my Mothers side, is James K Baker, former Secretary of the Treasure, and former Secretary of State.

Them big lizards just keep popping up!

First, let me say, i am not a Mason.
Have known some damn good ones, high ups probably corrupted as all man made organizations at this time.

Now, other than during the war, the only times i am sure, someone saw the big Lizard, was first, a false 32 degree Mason, (he did not understand the meanings of the words he learned).
I come from Masonic stock, and anyone wants to call my ancestors, who fought and died to build this country, evil, mean, conspiring to enslave, when they bled and died, i will bitch slap them and invite them to back up they mouths on the field of honor.

Any way, this false 32 Mason, pissed off the lizard.
Now i never seen the Lizard, but he must be something else.

He was going to have to face me a month later.
He died of a heart attack that night.
Well, he did not have to face me.

Some people can see it apparently, and some can not.
Now a 32 degree Mason, even a False one, knows some things about our real world, most don’t.

The other time, my wife was present.
She could not see him, but that usury Banker, pissed off the big Lizard sure as hell did.
He ran into his office, white as a sheet, and slammed his door.
I expect he had too have someone bring him some fresh cloths.

Now, the wife did not see, but she heard.
Took her three minuets or so to be able to speak a word.

i spent years getting him under control.

Did i mention George S Patton was a Washington descendant, and my cousin?

Yep, them Lizards just keep popping up.


So, i am a Lizard!

i am am American Lizard!

My Lizard kin and ancestors built this country.

Not all of them were generals, soldiers, doctors, ministers only.

They liked to farm.

They worked the boys butts off milking, chopping wood, hunting farming, building.

My father taught me to work hard, and do the best job i could.
he taught me not to take advantage of my position of birth, to get favors, or get out of things, others, i lived with, worked with fought with did not have available to them.

My father was an honorable man, a Baptist Minister, who may have slipped an cussed in my presence, maybe twice.
Never had sex with another women than my mother.

Now, one did not want to mess with him, cause yeah, he was a big Lizard.

Used to show me he could stick his tongue out and fork it just like a big Lizard.
Told the wife, now one of these days, one of them grandkids, sticks his tongue out and forks it like a lizard, don’t be surprised. runs in the family.

Again, i am an American Lizard, America is my Land, the American people, are my people.

Fuck with either, you piss the lizard off.

The Lizard has been getting really really pissed, at the shit, his people, have to put up with, from baby raping sons of bitches, with no honor.

The lizard is tired of people who did not, labor, bleed, build, trying to tare down.

The lizard is getting really pissed, at the Usury sons of bitches, bleeding my people and my Land dry.

In times like this, my ancestors started loosening the chains to the dungeon door, where they keep the Lizard locked up, for occasions like this.

If you are an enemy of America, you are the big Lizard’s enemy.

Enemies taste like pork to the lizard.
Pork mixed with top level zionist,reincornated as goats because of their sexual lust, gluttony, and just generally being ass holes who are a huge pain in the ass, just like goats, makes the finest damn Alsatian zionist goat sausage ever made.

Had some of ole Sharon the other day.
mighty tasty!

How about Americas enemies just back the fuck off, get their boot off the neck of the American people, cause i ain’t the only American Lizard left who has not committed treason against their people.

Be easier on everyone involved.

John C Carleton

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