The Talmud Exposed

You may not believe the fairy tale of the the Chosen ones,
But the true believers among all three branches of zionism do.

There are four branches of zionist.

Babylonian zionist, descendants of Turkmen/Slavic outcast, rejects from the steppes of Russia and Ukraine, and their descendants, who converted to the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult, (Judaism).

Zionist Christians, (Puritans, Calvinist), todays “evangelical Christians”.

Islamic zionist, The Saudi “royals”, Wahhabism.

And, the ones (Usually upper echelon), who know all three religions, are bull shit, used to herd the sheep, where the non believing upper levels, want the true believers to go.

The Babylonians are the worst of the bunch.

There is no living in peace with them.

With these zionist, one must at all times, keep your boot on their neck, cause you let it slip off, you will find their boot on your neck, their hand in your wallet, and their diseased dick up your ass.

Better pull your heads out of your ass’s.
This is a very old, very long, very bloody, very bitterly fought war.

This video is not mine, but it should be watched.

John C Carleton

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