President Trump Is Withdrawing the United States from the Iran Nuclear Deal-gCaptin

Keep in mind, The United Staes, is a foreign sub corporation, of the British Anglo zionist Empire, as is Israhell.

Israhell, is a sub corporation, and Military outpost for the BAzE.

Israhell rules Washington DC with Bribes and blackmail.

Israhell wants part of Egypt, Part of Syria, for their zionist wet nightmare, of the Greater Israel Project.

They also, want to take Iran down, so they, the Israhell Crime Cabal, can be the big dog in the Middle East.

Israhell, has between 200-300, illegal Nukes, with which, they threaten to blow up the whole world, if ANYONE, try to stop them, from raping, robbing, murdering, everyone they come in contact with.

But, the world is supposed to believe, if Iran gets one fucking nuke, the whole damn world will be blown to hell!

Iran has said repeatably, using a nuke, would be a violation of their believes and religion, so they have no use for one.

i’d believe them before any of the baby raping and murdering Slavic Turkmen outcaste rejects from the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine.

Educate yourselves.

John C Carleton

President Trump is Withdrawing the United States from the Iran Nuclear Deal

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