i Am Going to Get Filthy Rich!

Got a sure fire plan.

USA, is past broke.

People stop buying their bonds, printing presses all they got left.

They going to need real money.

Thats when i strike.

i will buy the Evil, despicable, black person hating, war criminal, Abraham Lincoln’s bones, from the despicable and corrupt Washington DC.

Bring them down south.

Build a portable toilet on a trailer.

Put his stinking bones in the bottom of the shitter.

Go on Tour of the South.

Charge a silver quarter, to shit on the bones of Lincoln

Get independently wealthy in Atalanta Georgia alone!

Get through with the South, go up north.

Had several yankee boys tell me, their ancestors were USA war criminals, but if it started up again, they would be down here with us Southern boys.

People be digging up those Mason jars, their grandpas buried, told them never dig it up, until it was an emergency, to get those silver quarters.

I mean, what decent Southerner, or Illuminate yankee, would allow the chance to shit on Lincoln’s bones pass by.

Americans be digging all over the place.

Might want to plant a garden while you digging, that green paper shit buys less and less all the time.

Confederate money now, any good shape Confederate paper money bill, is worth about three hundred yankee green backs nowadays.

Remember what your grandpapa told you about saving your Confederate money now!

Wise man wasn’t he?

i need to record a song, glorifying the experience of shitting on the War Criminal, Mass Murderer, the one sent them trash balls to rape and murder little children, Lincolns bones.

Oh i wish i was in the Land of Cotton, Old Times there are not forgotten,
Look away-look away-look away,
My Dixie Land!

John C Carleton

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