A Tale of Two Bankers

This story is true.

It took place, in Gonzales, Texas.
Year of 1929.

When the planned Usury Bankers Crash, of 1929 happened, the big boys, the big time and name bankers, in New York, who had planned it along with their European cousins, of course made out like the bandits they were!

The local banks, took a beating.

Back in that time, many were one horse shows.

A man, founded a bank, it was his bank, his reputation as an honest man, made people put their money in his bank.

Not like now when soul less corporations run even the credit unions.

There were two banks went under in Gonzales in the first wave.

First bank, man just told all depositors, there simply was no money left, he was truly sorry, but it was not his fault, it was a national thing.

Now, two depositors happened to be a local Doctor, who had killed several men in gun fights. Good man, just did not take any shit, and Texas men, used to have balls.

He was seen having some drinks, in a local watering hole, heads together, talking and looking sour, with another local who had come out on the living end of several dying fights..

They were summoned to the bankers house, and when they left, they were happy.

Now, during the depression, at one point, my father worked in a service station.

He told me, that banker, used the service station, to break all those one hundred dollar bills, he had told his depositors, had gone poof.

Said the banker, had a good looking daughter, who had, in his words, “Sgriggled”, every man in town who would, finally marred some good looking guy, drifted into town, his father in law, the banker, set him up in business, to launder the stolen loot.

This “banker”, spent the rest of his life, fearing, someone was going to get justice, kill his ass, for stealing their money.

He lived in a big ole house, with a very high fence, lit up like daylight, every night, vicious dogs roaming the yard.

And there was not a soul in town, he could call friend, or who had any respect for him.

Hope all that stolen money, kept him warm.

The other banker, on a percentage basis, gave back to the depositors, all that was left, sold the bank building and his own home, gave that to the depositors, until he was himself, broke and penniless.

Dad told me how, the town or county, i forget which, elected him to a government position, no one ever ran against him, which he filled, until he died.

He and his wife lived in a rented house within walking distance of the courthouse.

He had the respect, of everyone in the whole town and county.

An honest man!
An honest man!

My kingdom, for an honest man!

John C Carleton

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