As i wonder through life,
So filled with war and strife,
Searching for the meaning of all i see,
The evil in the world threatens to overwhelm me,
i pray for guidance in this war,
i pray Odin gives me strength against the Sar,
My ancestors watch my turn at bat,
My time to chase the Usury rat,
The dark side swells with the souls of the cowardly,
Those who will not fight to be free,
The Light’s forces seem small for the task,
The secret is, evil can not last,
As the driving force in this world humanity has been given,
The time is coming when the evil will be driven,
Off the cliff of their self centered greed,
The evil scum will pay for each and every despicable deed,
The divine Predators come to join the great battle,
The clearing of Thor’s throat gives a warning rattle,
Of the judgment to come,
Of the work for Odin, which HAS to be done,
To weed out from humanity the scabs,
Of the war where Odin’s Divine Predators nabs,
THE Guilty Usury baby raping sons of bitches making children sad,
Pleading for mercy they never showed in their life’s so bad,
Feed them their own balls as a last meal,
Hear them in self pity, like a pig to squeal,
They must be taken out past the third generation,
To break evils repeated gestation,
Sending all the Usury scum to their private hell,
Having nothing else left to sell,
Having sold their souls thousands of years back,
Anything left to trade to save their asses they lack,
They have no more appeals to keep from moving to the next level,
As a despicable cock roach, in the shit to revel,
Starting on the absolute bottom again,
because of the multitude of their sins.

John C Carleton

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