General Patton: We Fought The Wrong Enemy–YouTube

Time to forget all that fairy tail BS USA history they shoved up your ass in government indoctrination centers, otherwise known as public schools, and the utter, unadulterated bull shit turned out of Holly Whore.

John C Carleton

See the Video has been taken down, I will see if I can find this one or another like somewhere.
In the mean time, I will replace with this one, which is an interview about the book Target Patton, which is available on Amazon.

Because of the kind of quotes of George S Patton’s, got this video banned, got George S Patton murdered, by a joint USA/Communist Russia, operation.

George said the Russians were mongrels.
He said the Russian Expat & spawn Non Semitic Khazarians, who call themselves “Jews”, were animals, who threw tin cans and refuse in the toilet, and shit on the floor!

He refused to sell America out, and being who he was, told em he was going to resign his commission, return to America, tell the American people of all the Anti-American things the USA did in WW 2, the collaborating with the Mass murderer Joseph Stalin, against the interest of America and Americans.

He simply could not be allowed to return home.
O3 June, 2019

Patton Assassination — MyServicePride INTV w Tim Wilcox

Here below, is an about 17 minuet video with a man reading.
It actually gives more quotes and information than the one YT took down because it told too much truth.

‘General Patton’s Warning Against Communism’

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