The zionist are Loosing, and They are Desperate

THE zionist are loosing. They are desperate. They simply must have WW 3. Why? Several things. USA, which is a corporation, not a government, not a country. USA, the for profit corporation, incorporated under foreign British Anglo zionist Empire law, uses a fiat currency. This currency was instituted when Washington DC in violation to Washington’s […]

Popcorn Sutton: Whiskey Rebel

“Jesus turned water into wine, I turned it into damn likker” – Popcorn Sutton Appalachia’s history is largely comprised of tales of resistance of one form or another. The poster child of Appalachia’s rebellion against unjust authority has always been the Moonshiner, the maker of non-government approved distilled spirits. These spirits were commonly referred to […]

Southern Wind-Rebel Son-YouTube

Most American’s, even most descendants of the men who fought the evil of Washington DC, under Command Of General Robert Edward Lee, General Commanding, Confederate States Army, do not understand what the Southern people were subjected to, the gang rapes of ministers daughters, the burning of churches, personages, the murder of ministers, the gang rape […]

How Israel and it’s partisans work to censor the internet-The Unz Review

If someone has done nothing to be ashamed of, nothing immoral, nothing evil, nothing criminal, they do not care if the truth about them is told. Constant trying to cover up the truth, awhile attacking the truth tellers, shows the fear the bastards live in of the real truth coming out. John C Carleton