US Military is Americas Worst Enemy.-Information Clearing House

Couple of points.

First, i consider Israhell, a worst enemy to Americans than the US military, as Israhell, is the one using American children as cannon fodder.

Israhell controls Washington DC through bribes and blackmail.

If the US military is murdering someone, Israhell ordered that murder, that war.

Second, the author, started at Viet Nam pointing out the USA/Washington DC’s war crimes and illegal wars of aggression.

As A Texan, who’s country has been militarily occupied, by the USA, for 152 years, after the USA, illegally, immorally, criminally, in an outright war crime, and violation of their own damn documents and laws, invaded, robbed, raped, gang raped to death, children, women, black and white, free and slave, burned , blew up, killed livestock, burned farms, crops, out houses, pig pins, churches, homes, courthouses.

Half a million murdered, starved, raped Southerners later, everyone is supposed to forget the murder of between half a million to a million Americans, by the criminal Washington DC.

Don’t Damn Well think so.

God bless Robert E Lee, who fought the evil of Washington DC.

Forget hell!

John C Carleton

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