Things which really matter

As down the path of life i trod,
Matters little if my home be of brick, timber or sod,

It is not the dazzle of mammon or prestige one should hold near,
It is the quite knowledge of those who have passed to hold dear,

When faced with a modern dragon in my path,
Many lives before, i faced the same dragons wrath,

If i listen closely to my many lives past,
The lessons they paid for, so i could last,

In this race for the prize of illumination, of fact,
The i of this life may lack,

When i am lost, not knowing, unable to see,
They very quietly, speak to me,

Of lessons learned, prices paid, mistakes not to repeat,
Of the coveted times when past and present may together meet,

They cheer me on when my sight grows dim,
When i am sinking in the waters of life, they extend a limb,

To pull me to the bank and safety of solid ground,
So i am always climbing up the mountain,never down,

Of illumination, of service, of honor and of duty to human kind,
i must honor those who have past, keep them in my mind,

Hold them dear in my heart for our reunion on the other side,
Where in sweet peace and solitude, for a bit we will abide.

John C Carleton

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