That something which the sheep fear, the awake dread, is trying to be born

Sheep are sheep.
Sheep have always been sheep
Sheep are fearful herd animals.
Sheep will always be fearful herd animals.
Every now and then, one wakes up, decides they don’t want to be a sheep any longer, and starts learning and growing.
i look forward to the time when masses of sheep, start that long process of evolving beyond the herd, as an individual, taking responsibility for their own actions, soul, destiny.

But in the meantime, the evil of zionism, is trying their damnedest, to deliver the long planned, Usury Bankers War WW 3.

The sheep fear everything, but WW 3 has been built up in their fear factor all the lives.
Now the possibility is thrown in the face of the sheep, by those trying to start WW 3, every damn day.
Look at the TV news, MSM everywhere, they pumping out that fear porn every damn day.

The awake, dread another war, but understand as long as this world stands, there will be wars.
The trick is to have as few as possible, and them make them as short, and humane as possible.

But we sure as hell don’t need make do wars, like WW 3.
Wars which did not need to happen, but for the greed and perversions of those who call themselves learned and leaders.

It is much better, humanity rises up, has fair Common Law Trials, Fair Hanging, (except France, who may use the traditional Guillotine), of all these evil sold out, usury thirty shekel whores.

Is it better, a few thousand guilty die, or billions of humans, because humanity, did not have the foresight, the understanding of the situation, the BALLS, to hang these ass holes, and avoid another damn Usury bankers war?

WW 1 vet told my father about war:
“Its a poor mans hell, and a rich mans Heaven”.

Time to take care of this micky mouse shit!

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

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