A modest proposal-The Irish Savant

Now, my mother was a rabid “christian” zionist.
She had that crap beat into her head as a child, and did her best to beat it into the heads of all her children.

Did i every mention i am the black sheep of my family, with the exception of two brothers and my departed father?

I have these things i do which makes hypocrite Zionist go berserk, drop straight to their knees, and pray “earnestly for your deliverance from evil, and that you repent!

Thongs like telling the truth, being honest, not acting like a hypocrite!

Zionism has infected whole areas, States, countries!

Remember back about 1976 or so, in high school, a young teacher who had graduated from school, gone off became a teacher, came home, to give back to his community.

He was trying desperately to enlighten these multigenerational inbred hillbillies.

He one day was talking about how things were changing past the county line, down by the lake.
He asked the class, “for instance, how many of you have smoked pot’?

i looked around, and i was the only damn person with their hand in the air.

Some of these ass holes i had been smoking pot with the night before.

America, needs to stamp out this evil zionist hypocrisy.

It leads to the shit hole you see around you.

i do not trust the judgement of most people indoctrinated with “christian zionism”.

Neither do i trust the judgement of most indoctrinated into the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult, known as Judaism.

If they know it is bull shit, still play the game, they are evil sons of bitches.

If they can not see the truth, because of their cult indoctrination, they are a danger to all of humanity, to the very health of Mother Earth, herself.

John Carleton


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