Turkey Will Repatriate All Gold From The US In Attempt To Ditch Dollar-Zero Hedge

Want to know what the death of an Empire looks like?
Well son, pull up a chair and watch the Empire die with it’s counterfeit currency.

Turkey’s gold has long back been stole and sold, to support the price suppression scam run by Washington DC, in which everyones gold trusted to them, what they could steal out of bank vaults, force cash settlements on on clients, at commercial vaults, who were paying fees, to store their own damn gold, along with Libya’s gold, Iraq’s gold.

Some buyers of “paper gold”, which the Fed, USA/ British Anglo zionist Empire have thrown into the market, between 100-200 paper ounces of Gold and silver, to every real physical ounce available for deliver.

It’s a scam, and it’s crashing.

India, Russia and China, have stocked up on stolen gold, at bargain basement prices, as they are big enough boys to demand deliver on the paper.

John C Carleton.


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