The zionist are Loosing, and They are Desperate

THE zionist are loosing.

They are desperate.

They simply must have WW 3.


Several things.

USA, which is a corporation, not a government, not a country.

USA, the for profit corporation, incorporated under foreign British Anglo zionist Empire law, uses a fiat currency.

This currency was instituted when Washington DC in violation to Washington’s own constitution, turned money matters over to a private Usury Bank.

From 1913 to now, this dollar has lost all but about 2 cents of it’s original buying power.

In other words, it was a scam, which is on it’s last legs. Going to be a huge economic wreak which will make the “great” depression of 1929, look like a cake walk at a Sunday school outing.

This is the case of all zionist controlled countries, using fiat currencies.

Going to be a world wide financial train wreak.

Out of the melting ice of Antartica, are coming the technological remains of a civilization which will make ours look like a bunch of cave men using rocks as weapons and tools.

It will prove the lie of the Roman Church bible.

In other words, it will prove the whole bible is the made up bullshit of a superstitious primitive race, who mistook an advanced being, from another world, a war lord probably, as a god.

This means, all that bull shit about Palestine being promised by a god, who’s not real, don’t mean shit.
Couple this, with the people claiming to be the people this war lord promised Palestine to, are not the people who are occupying Palestine, raping and Holocusting the indigenous people of Palestine.

This means, they are just evil, lying sons of bitches, who should be hanged from the nearest son of a bitching tree!

Humanity will realize this when they see the technological wonders coming from the melting ice.

The baby raping zionist ass wipes, have a REAL problem.

Thats why, the in your face lies, and the incessant caterwauling for World War Three.

The sons of bitches don’t get WW 3 going, before the truth hits humanity like a class five hurricane, then, the proof of their lie, is open like a book, for all humanity to read.
They will be so done!

They know this.

They actually love war, human suffering, murder, rape.

They will do anything to get WW 3 started.

Going to come down to this.
Is humanity going to hunt these sons of bitches down, hang their asses to the nearest tree or light post, or drop their pants, bend over, be good little slaves, sex toys and cannon fodder.

Lots of empty light post, tree limbs.

Fair Common Law Trials! Fair hangings!

Get er Done!

John C Carleton

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