i AM Simply Amazed at the stupidity of the American Sheep

Not just them yankee sheep either.

Today, i saw a good bit of America, celebrating, because innocent, men, women, and children, in a foreign land, a people and land which has never attacked America, nor even threatened to attack America, have been blown to bits by USA missiles, used in a war crime, by a Bozo the clown dumb ass reality Star.

Now them yankees, always had a strange way of thinking to my way of thinking, but what i am going to lay on you now is simply amazing!

Here is how the average Southerner, (the few who know any real history of that period), view American history.

The American colonist, rebelled, formed the United States, a Land and people, blessed by God.

In the mid 1800’s something went wrong with Washington DC and the yankee people.

They started hating, lying, instigating, running the southern way of life down, lying about the Southern people, referring to them as heathens, animals, sub human.

Then, using lies, they invaded, raped, robbed, stole, burned, lied, occupied.

They were the spawn of the devil himself.

But as soon as they kicked the pesky rebels ass, and reconstruction was over, Washington DC, never lied to start a war again, never again mass murdered innocent people in outright war crimes, never again illegally invaded another sovereign country.

So it was with great glee, the Southerners who hate Washington DC for illegally invading their country, raping, robbing, murdering their kin, cheered Washington DC, for illegally invading another sovereign country, raping, robbing, murdering.


Wait a minuet!

i am bit confused by the though processes of the current crop of Southerners.

God bless Robert E Lee:
Who fought the evil of Washington DC!

Wonder what he would have to say about the descendants of Confederate soldiers, kissing the ass of that pedophile yankee doodle dandy son of bitch, Uncle Sugar?

John C Carleton

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