Majority of $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill Goes To US Military-The Last American Vagabond

Why does a country, with it’s roads, bridges, water systems, sewer systems, falling apart, a backward medical system, schools which can not educate, homeless veterans, children, and entire homeless families, not the oddity, but increasingly seen everywhere in America, hungry working poor, be giving billions of dollars, robber from the working poor, to other countries?

Why does USA need a military, paid for by the money robbed from the working poor, to be trying to start war with China, war with Russia, war with Iran, war with the Philippines, war with Syria, war with Iraq, war with Libya, war with obscure African countries most Americans do not even know exist.

None of these countries has attacked America.
None of them threaten to.

The USA military is a criminal organization, trying to take over the world, for the British Anglo zionist Empire.

The British Anglo zionist Empire, is the enemy of Americans.

That makes the USA, the sworn enemy of America and Americans.

Hey you Americans sheep, might want to pull your heads out of your asses!

Or just off yourselves, if you refuse to join the human races fight against the evil of zionism!

John C Carleton

Majority Of $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill Goes To US Military

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