i Killed Bozo the Clown

i did not physically kill him, but i maintain i am responsible.

On March the 11th, i did the dastardly deed which did the jokester in!

i then wrote a short piece about the deed.

A week later, at 89 years old, Bozo the clown dies.

Oh i know some say of old age, but it was from shame i heaped on him, having never met him.

Ordered off of eBay, a watch fob. It was one of two fobs Paired together, and one was of the United States War Criminal, Abraham Lincoln.

As an insult to Lincoln, put the fob on a strap, and attached to a 1960s Bozo the clown watch.

The shame was more than he could bear.

i am truly sorry for shaming him to death.

Here is the piece which did him in.

What to Do, When Life Gives You a Lincoln-Southern Point of View!

John C Carleton

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