Colin Powell Acknowledges Israeli Nuclear Arsenal: 200 Nukes Targeted against Iran-Global Research.

The problem of the illegal Israhell nukes can be easily taken care of.

One merely informs, the owners of the little crime cabal, that Tel Aviv is going poof, their crime cabal is out of business, and if one damn nuke, goes off anywhere in the world, the owners will be hunted down, and ALL their family lines, taken out past the third generation.

Some people might say thats cruel.

What do they have to say about the many persons, raped, murdered, the wars started, by these evil ass wipes, every fucking day?

Get off your fucking knees humanity!

One on the black rock, one on Tel Aviv=Peace in the Middle East.

John C Carleton

Colin Powell Acknowledges Israeli Nuclear Arsenal: 200 Israeli Nukes Targeted against Iran…

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