America the Occupied, Beaten, Raped and Murdered!

How did such noble a thought and dream end thus
With the American people thrown under the bus

Why did the American sheep stand singing loudly of their dreams
To drown out Ladies Liberty and Justice heart wrenching screams

As they were gang raped to death in USA Congressional halls
While shackled to devices of torture imbedded in those walls

Their demise celebrated throughout the land
A piece of their flesh given to every child, women and man

To dine on in celebration of the shit hole America had become
Undeterred by the disgust, disdain, and condemnation of some

They were fair and loyal brides on their wedding night
Not understanding they would come to deplore the sight

Of the unfaithful swaggering drunken bore
Who spent the house payment on money grubbing diseased whores

Yet on that day when Americans find their honor and courage again
The Son of a Bitch will run screaming from his sin

Chased by the Sons & daughters of American Justice girls and boys
The way a cat will use captured birds and mice as toys

Then the fair ladies will arise to embrace America once more
To give relief and rest to Americans souls so sore

Chaffed raw by the constant abuse of the cad
Who’s demise made all of America exceedingly glad

Even my dog friends agree with me
A toxic landfill is the best use possible for Washington DC

The Ole Dog!

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