Atlanta’s Burning Down-Waylon Jennings-YouTube

Most of the world, and even most of the descendants of the Confederate Soldiers who fought to protect their homes, families/ home Land, against a criminal, invading hoard of children raping/ murdering savages, gang rapers of women, to death often, burners of homes, churches, court houses, out houses, and pig pins, do not understand the horrors/suffering of the Southern Population, at the hands of the United States of America/Washington DC.

It was a Holocaust of the first degree.

The Confederates are hated by Washington DC/USA, because the South was the largest revolt against the slavery and evil of Washington DC, in the history of America.

The USA, demonizes the Confederates, least oppressed Americans, as a whole, undivided, look at the Confederacy as inspiration to stand against the evil once more.

John C Carleton

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