What to Do, When Life Gives You a Lincoln-Southern Point of View!

Quit wearing watches many years back, don’t carry the phone on me when i am at home, just look at it when i pass by every now and then, see if i missed a call.

So when recently, i started picking up a grandson from school on a regular basis, i needed to know what time it was again. If i was out back working, and my back is far from the house and out buildings, i need to know when to stop, and go get the boy.

So i pulled out my pocket watches.

Went ahead, ordered some watch fob straps, in brown and black.

Had one watch fog, needed more. eBay!

Ended up, to buy one i wanted, which was a two for deal, with an Abraham Lincoln Watch fob, of which i was happy to take out of circulation, but what to do with it? It was an award from a Pittsburg newspaper for Lincoln story contest of 1930, so it has American history significance.

Unlike the scum pulling down American statues, Southerners do not try to destroy history, but find the truth of history.

So what does a good Souther boy, without ONE drop of thieving yankee blood in his veins, the great-grandson, and great-great grandson of Confederate soldiers, who shot and cussed yankees, yes even the chaplain one, do with a lincoln watch fob which has too many sharpe ages to wipe one’s rear orifice on?

In a burst of illumination, i hit eBay, searched for a Bozo the clown watch! Found, for $9.99, free shipping, a 1960’s Japanese made Bozo the clown wrist watch, which after dehorning of the two lower lugs, will be mated with the lincoln watch fob, via a black leather fob strap, like the blackness of his heart and soul.

i find they compliment each other!

i do believe in reincarnation. It is therefore very possible, lincoln reincarnated as Bozo the Clown!

Time will tell.


i received the Bozo watch, turned out to be a plastic one, between the size of a dime and a nickel, probably a Cracker Jack prize. This works well, as the War Criminal Lincoln watch fob, is several times the size of the watch.

This all worked out better than planned. Lincolns head size, (self viewed), was several sizes too big for the reality of him.

like the Bozo watch, lincoln never achieved real useful status in life.

Like the cheap plastic non working clown watch, his existence was never beneficial to humanity.

And his legend is way too big for his sorry uselessness to the world.

Thinking of wearing the Bozo Watch,in the vest pocket of my Confederate vest, Lincoln fob dangling out front for God and all good Southerners to see, at the Sons of Confederate Veteran’s Convention, see if any one notices. 🙂
Need to keep em on their toes.

Be a good joke.

There it goes again, rhyming.

Lincoln’s life, a bad joke about an evil clown!

John C Carleton

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