Russia’s Pound of Flesh

i personally am glad Russia intervened in SYria, saving Syria from the bloody clutches of Israhell and USA crime cabals.
Where one ends and the other begins, has become increasingly difficult to identify. Seems the two became one, creating a new hybrid zionist blood lusting evil.

However, Russia is not the Garden of Eden, and Putin is not the second coming of Jesus the Christ.

i admire the tenacity the Russian people showed, as a whole, in the face of everything they had ever know, coming to a screeching halt, disappearing forever, in bureaucratic speak and maneuverings.

They have fought their way back from disaster, as a people and as a country.
They are to be commended on that.

Much i admire about Russia, the natural beauty, the vast forrest, the mighty rivers. The old abandoned structures, which tells a story of Russia’s growth as a nation.

But i see two things which concerns me.

First Putin.

i had hoped he would be a Statesman, a warrior for not only the good of Russia, but of humanity as a whole.

i was sadly disappointed.

He is an apt politician, fast on his feet in a interview or debate, knowledgeable, and i believe, truly cares for Russia and the Russian people, but has some constraints, and some debts to be paid, to those who are the enemies of humanity.

Whether these are self imposed constraints and debts, or inherited with the job, i can not say and will not so speculate here.

But he he playing footsie, with Nitwityahoo, and Israhell, the sworn enemy of America and Americans, making Putin, sadly, by his own choice, the enemy of America and Americans.

Secondly, the people of Russia, seem as sheep like as the American sheep, in they are showing great jubilation, Russia now has better, cheaper war toys than the USA, and is increasingly taking that market from the USA.

They never stop to think, this will not benefit them, and they do not seem to give a damn, those weapons will be used to murder innocent people, in places like Yemen.

i see the same baby kissing politics in Russia, i have observed in the USA, and the same, it’s ok when we do it mentality.

God is not a word i use much anymore, having some identifiers for that which is, i personally like better, but, God help humanity!

Jesus the Christ said it.

Buda said it.

Mahatma Gandhi said it.

Martin Luther King said it.

Be nice to each other!

Is it that damn hard?

God help us!

Send Mother nature now!


The human herd needs culling very badly!

Get er done!

John C Carleton

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