US Seeks to Intentionally Prolong Syrian Bloodshed-Global Research

Look Folks!
Its simple!
Its right to do right,
and its wrong to do wrong!

If Right, showed up in Washington DC, the entire USA/Washington DC establishment, would gang rape Right to death.
Then some of the hard core evils sons of bitches, would eat parts of Right, in evil dark sided rituals.

No going back to being a Vestal Virgin, once one has been the Madan of a successful house of ill repute.

No reforming the evil of Washington DC/USA.

Americans need to go back in their reasoning, to 1776, and rethink the whole damn thing.

Now, i have more than one ex wife. Never went back and married one once i divorced em.
Reason you did not make it the first time is always there, along with all the baggage she picked up after the divorce.

Went found a new woman, started fresh and over.

Now, makes no sense to get rid of the evil of the empire, and keep their rules and laws.
The best short term course, may be a short return to the Articles of Confederation. i say short term, as a position for a battle in a war.
Articles of Confederation, did not stop the Usury bankers, elites, lawyers, from selling Americans asses back into slavery the first time, sure as hell won’t in this modern age.

Here lies the problem with the Articles of Confederation:
They were supposed to be a gentlemen’s agreement between men of honor.
Some of the men did have honor, but many did not. Un-honorable men, will not be kept from evil by dried ink on parchment, paper, or the digital representation there of on an electronic device.

Evil only understands force.

Brave new world coming.

Time to try some new things.

John C Carleton

US Seeks to Intentionally Prolong Syrian Bloodshed

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